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Those informations are only guessed from observation, and requires improvements.

🚧️ TODO: Explain how to use navedit to create a Navcon.

navedit command can take 3 subcommands:

  • enable
  • disable
  • save

They all take the name of a navmesh, and there is navmesh per class.

When enabled, you will see:

  • "surfaces" in blue color: they show the whole possible navmesh of the map?
  • "surfaces" in yellow color: they show the part of navmesh examined by bots currently of matching class?
  • lines of the said surfaces, in white, joining on black dots. They don't add any information.
  • a line between bots and their current "next-target" (but not their goal)
  • a white arc-circle-like shape (sometimes maybe a true, complete circle if you are lucky). This is probably what allows to edit the navmesh.
🚧️ TODO:
  • verify those infos
  • quickly describe which tools does that automatically
  • mention relation with navtest (and describe it) (does navtest still exist?)