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Those are not regressions neither bugs but feature requests.

See also the Known regressions since Tremulous page for things that are regressions.

Legacy features being only supported with legacy formats

misc_anim_model only working with md3 =

The misc_anim_model entities are currently only playing animations with legacy md3 format. The md3 format was using frame-based animation and newer formats like IQM or md5mesh are using skeletal-based animations.

Since legacy Quake3 and Tremulous format is working as it worked before, there is no regression.

Making misc_anim_model entities play animation with skeletal formats is a feature request.

Experimental features that were never used

liquidMap water code

The liquidMap feature to render water surface with reflections and refraction is not working.

Some very old screenshot proves it may have worked in the past, maybe with unmerged code, and with unmerged data. It's also possible that the code was in the legacy renderer that is now dropped since 10 years.

Making it working is a feature request.

Experimental features there is no proof it ever worked (not a regression)

func_door_model experimental Tremulous feature

The func_door_model entities did not existed in Quake 3 code and is an experimental feature of Tremulous. Editors like GtkRadiant and NetRadiant never supported it and will not display the entity. An analysis of 1220 bsp maps from index shown none of them used that feature. It is unknown if that feature was ever finished one day and if it has worked once. Bugs affecting func_door_model or it not working cannot be considered a regression.

Making it working is a feature request.