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Tools supporting IQM/IQE formats

The .iqm files are binary files. The .iqe files are text counterpart. Unvanquished stores .iqe files in repository and ships .iqm files in .dpk archives.

  • Blender Exporter: see IQM
  • Blender Importer: see asstools
  • IQE to IQM conversion: see FTE QuakeWorld's IQM
  • IQM to IQE conversion: see asstools
  • Viewer: see IqeBrowser and Noesis
  • Conversions to many formats: see Noesis


A free open source upstream project, provide a working Blender export plugin, and a tool to convert some formats to IQM (including Doom 3's md5mesh/anim). For the iqm command line tool, prefer the FTE one (see below).

Home page:

FTE Quake World's IQM

A fork of the iqm tool by FTE QuakeWorld project, support command files and complete translation/offset/scale operation when compiling .iqe files.

Unvanquished makes use of this tool when building packages with Urcheon, because command files and translation/offset/scale operations are needed.

Repository with simple enough revision:


Some free open source tools, including a Blender import plugin (but it has to be ported to latest Blender version).

Information 48x48.png


There is currently some fixes for the importer targeting recent Blender (works in 0.82 and 0.93) here: you can use this while waiting for the fixes being upstreamed. Note that it currently set double-sided surfaces instead of simple-sided surfaces like before.

Also provides a tool that can convert .iqm files back to .iqe ones.



A free open source graphical viewer and converter. Unfortunately only built for Windows (and some Windowsism in code), but works great on Wine.

Download link:

Forum thread:


A free (gratis) graphical viewer and converter. Unfortunately only built for Windows, but works great on Wine.

Download link:

Maverick Model 3D

A free open source graphical viewer, with IQM format being work in progress (may not be already usable or even available in releases).

It's a fork of Misfit Model 3D, maintained by ZTM.



The level editor recommended for Unvanquished mapping.

It supports .iqm model rendering in the editor and the map compiler can now bake .iqm files.