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Iqmtool is a tool to convert models to IQM format and a fork of the iqm tool (see IQM Development Kit) by FTE QuakeWorld project.

It adds support for command files and complete translation, offset and scale operations when compiling .iqe files. It is required by Unvanquished data build system based on Urcheon as we translate, rotate and scale models from sources at build time and rely on command files.


The iqmtool source repository is:


Like upstream iqm tool, iqmtool can compile .iqe, .md5mesh and .md5anim files to .iqm files and can can embed model (multiple meshes) and animations in a single IQM file.

This tool also supports translation, rotation and scaling operations on models with operations applied on animations too.

Getting the tool

Initially named iqm, the latest versions of this tool are now named iqmtool to be able to have both original iqm and modified FTEQW iqmtool binaries in PATH.

Simple build

You don't have to fetch the whole fteqw repository to build iqmtool, you can just fetch the iqm subdirectory and use the Makefile present there to build iqmtool. This is the lightest and fastest way to build iqmtool, and the tool will have enough features for contributing to Unvanquished:

svn checkout iqmtool
cd iqmtool

You'll find iqmtool there.

Complete build

It's also possible to build iqmtool with support from other formats, like importing from glTF, for that you need to build it against fteqw plugins, so that means you need to fetch the whole fteqw repository instead:

svn checkout fteqw
cd fteqw
make -C engine iqmtool

You'll find engine/release/iqmtool.

Other tools

See also Tools/IQM.