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Free and libre model editors

See also Tools/IQM.

Other non-libre model editors

Documentation for the following tools as is relevant to creating content for Unvanquished may be written:

  • 3ds Max;
  • Maya;
  • Photoshop;
  • ZBrush.

These may have been used by members of the team for work on Unvanquished. It is less likely that documentation will be written for proprietary software packages due to typically steep licensing fees. We recommend the usage of free open source tools anyway.

Recommended model formats

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The recommended format to store models in Unvanquished data repositories is the IQE format which is the text-based counterpart of IQM. Neither NetRadiant, Q3map2 and the Dæmon Engine supports IQE so they're usually converted from IQE to IQM after fetching repositories. Many Unvanquished models are translated/rotated/scaled when converted from IQE to IQM so implementing IQE loading in those tools would display them wrongly anyway as translation, rotation ans scaling would not be done.

Those are recommended model formats to be used in source repositories and in game to be delivered to players, and related tools.

Purpose Kind Format Tool
Source All model files compressed .blend + .iqe Blender, see also Tools/IQM.
Purpose Kind Format Tool
Release All model files IQM Iqmtool, see also Tools/IQM.
See also Formats/Model.