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Please Be Bold! No-one owns the pages here: go for it!


Useful Pages

Note: keep these as subheadings on the front page to make navigation quicker

Wiki templates you may want to use

These templates have to do with the wiki's content, not the game itself. They are here to make the job of being a human, whether an editor or just a reader, easier.

To use these: type or copy the whole {{Template In Brackets}} into the text of a page while editing it.

Whole Page Marking

Put these at the top of pages to mark them.

  • Brain dump — for marking pages that contains quickly written information to be sure to not forget but needing to be redacted in a better way and maybe moved to more appropriate pages.
    • {{BrainDump}} or {{BrainDump|Custom message}}
  • Out of Date — for marking pages that need help
    • {{OutOfDate}}
  • Pet Project — for mega pages actively being developed
    • {{PetProject|author=YourName}}
  • Deprecated — for pages that have been merged or superseded, and will eventually get binned
    • {{Deprecated|newpage=The Replacement Page}}
    • Ordinary emailconfirmed users can't delete pages. Use this to show you have made the effort & the admins will follow through by looking at Category:Deprecated
    • Please only mark pages with this when you are finished!
    • This is for merging multiple pages into one, not moving a single page. You can do that already once emailconfirmed.
  • Unknown — for pages that make no sense, seem temporary or possibly unrelated to the game
    • {{Unknown}}
    • Pages marked with this will eventually get deleted

Inline Page Usage

Use these wherever and however you want.

  • Note — big NOTE boxes superimposed on page
    • {{Note|content=Read the rest of the next paragraph before attempting this, else you may get stuck}}
  • Verify — request other wiki editors to confirm whether something is true or not
    • Unvanquished is an engine based on half-life's golden-src {{Verify}}
  • Rehost — request for an external page to be copied onto the wiki
    • [ Gameplay Guide] {{Rehost}}
    • Read the licensing documentation on the rehost page before attempting to copy marked links

Staying logged in

The wiki's login session times out quickly. Simply open up the main site's login page (link in the upper right corner of this wiki) to inherit the 'logged-in' status from the main site (which lasts much longer): you don't actually have to fill in the login information again.

Contacting the Admins

If you are having issues on this wiki or want to contact an admin for any other reason to do with the wiki, start with User:Veyrdite. For all other issues and questions: please use the chat and forums.