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The almost quicker way to play the game, and way to don't be frustrated.

  • Use the Unvanquished launcher to install and run the game.
  • Personalize your name, please. You can add colors too.
  • Choose screen resolutions and test. In many case, the scenes with fire, flames, and aliens buildings need the most power rendering.
  • Read and choose the key binding. Write or memorize key for : moving, crouch/claws, primary attack, secondary attack, jump, the medikit, action menu.
  • Take time to read some Gameplay for the interface. Humans are easier to play for start.
  • Don't feed enemies (don't die). Because Unvanquished is not same as other FPS. Each kill/death or destroying buildings will change the "momentum" and this determine what human's equipment are available, or Alien's forms. Humans should stay in group.
  • Beginners shouldn't builds, but can repairs if there is no bots. Because each builds consume BP builds, they are precious. A buildings at wrong place can change the game issue.
  • Don't worry, beginners dies often. Try your best. Use your Medikit.
  • Don't forget to use your Medikit, this can save you, and stop poisoning. Reload your Medikit at the Medistation.

2021-11-Start Interface.png

  1. Where you can personalize your name
  2. For graphics setting. The presets are easy to use, but these presets won't change the resolution screen -> video menu
  3. Choose a layout, change binding eventually, and write or memorize the important key for Move and Abilities, especially for the medikit.
  4. You are ready to choose and join a server.

Enjoy! It's a game.