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Composed of a variety of monstrous lifeforms, the alien team places emphasis on high mobility and brutal short-range attacks. Unlike the human team, the aliens do not use technology, but rather their own physical capabilities. As such, they possess a strikingly organic appearance. In addition, the aliens are not bound to their base to the same extent as the human team, and can function independently of it, due to their ability to regenerate and the lack of an ammunition requirement. It is advisable for alien players to make good usage of cover and stealth, considering the lack of long-range capability.

Individual aliens evolve into more powerful species, rather than purchasing more powerful equipment as Humans do.


  • Attack their heads to deal the most damage.
  • You can not devolve into lesser forms.


Name Unlock Cost Health Abilities Description
Dretch - Free 30 Automatic bite, silent steps, wall walking Most basic offensive alien, with a lethal reflexive bite.
Granger - Free 50 Build, bite (weak) Builder species. Not recommended for combat.
Mantis - 2 75 Slash, pounce (no damage), silent steps, wall-walking Fast, silent and wall-walking.
Marauder - 4 150 Slash, wall jump Wall jump ability allows the marauder to gain great speed in enclosed areas.
Dragoon 1 6 200 Bite, pounce (allows for great speeds and crushes enemies) Large alien that can deliver powerful chomps and crush enemies with its bulk.
Advanced Granger 2 Free 75 Build, bite (weak), spit (extinguishes fires), wall walking Advanced variant of the Granger.
Advanced Marauder 2 6 175 Slash, lightning (can hit multiple enemies at once), wall jump Advanced variant of the Marauder.
Advanced Dragoon 3 8 250 Bite, barbs (ranged projectiles, regrow slowly), pounce Advanced variant of the Dragoon.
Tyrant 4 10 350 Slash, trample (allows for great speeds and crushes enemies) Largest alien with the strongest melee attack. Can not jump very well.


Name Cost Health Unlock Description
Overmind Free 750 - Allows aliens to evolve and alien buildings to function. Allows other structures to be built around it.
Egg 10 250 - Allows aliens to enter the battle arena. Allows other structures to be built around it.
Barricade 8 250 - Obstructs corridors and doorways. Will shrink to allow aliens to pass.
Acid Tube 8 125 - Ejects corrosive gas at at humans.
Leech 4 200 - Absorbs nutrients from the ground.
Spiker 10 150 1 Launches spikes at humans.
Trapper 8 50 2 Glues humans to the floor.
Booster 12 150 2 Accelerates alien regeneration and provides them with poison.
Hive 12 125 3 Houses insects that will chase humans to defend their home.