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The almost quicker way to play the game, and way to don't be frustrated.

  • Use the Unvanquished launcher to install and run the game: Linux, Windows, macOS.
  • Personalize your name, please. You can add colors too.
  • Read and select a preset, choose a screen resolution, and test. The scenes with fire, flames, and aliens buildings need the most power rendering.
  • Read and select a key binding preset, customize if needed. Write or memorize keys for : moving, crouch/claws, primary attack, secondary attack, jump, the medkit (very important!), action menu, grenade.
  • Invest time to read some Gameplay for the interface. Humans are easier to play for start.
  • Don't feed enemies (don't die). Because Unvanquished is not same as other FPS. Each kill/death or destroying buildings will change the "momentum" and this determine what human's equipment are available, or Alien's forms. Humans should stay in group.
  • Beginners shouldn't builds, but can repairs if there is no bots. Because each building consumes build points (BP), they are precious. A building at wrong place can change the game issue.
  • Don't worry, beginners dies often. Try your best. Use your medkit.
  • Don't forget to use your medkit, this can save you, and stop poisoning. Reload your medkit at the Medistation.

2021-11-Start Interface.png

  1. Where you can personalize your name;
  2. For graphics settings. The presets are easy to use, but these presets won't change the resolution screen, to change the resolution go to the Video tab from the graphics settings window;
  3. Choose a layout, change binding eventually, and write or memorize the important keys for Move and Abilities, especially for the medkit!
  4. You are ready to choose and join a server.

Enjoy! It's a game.

About some servers

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