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Unvanquished development uses the 'daemon' engine to power unvanquished, an ever-improving engine with a long list of modern features (see below).

Engine History

Daemon can trace its lineage all the way back to Quake 3, integrating the various features and improvements from quite a few engines before it. The aim of Unvanquished Development is to make Daemon the most modern and best available quake-derived FOSS engine.

The lineage of the Daemon engine.

Engine Source Code

Daemon source tree is tracked on a dedicated repository to make contributions easier and help projects to port their game on it: Daemon repository.

Engine Features



  • Modern GL3 capable renderer
  • Improved Quake 3 shader system:
    • Procedural vertex deformation
    • Alpha mapping
    • Specular mapping (color and intensity)
    • Glow mapping
    • Bump (heightmap), normal, and parallax mapping
  • Many special effects:
    • Motion blur
    • Rim lighting
    • Bloom
    • Heat haze
    • FXAA
  • Outline fonts
  • Procedural animation blending


  • In-game IRC client
  • VoIP support
  • Remote administration support


  • Localization support
  • Curses-based console
  • Custom unv:// protocol to allow starting the game from a web browser or with an internet link

Supported Asset Formats

See the links on the Main Page under the "Artists" section for guides on how to export and package assets into these formats.

Image Formats

See the Texture creation page.

  • DDS (Direct Draw Surface)
  • crn (like DDS)
  • JPEG
  • WebP
  • PNG
  • TGA

Model Formats

See the Modeling and Exporting Models pages.

  • IQM (recommended)
  • MD3 (vertex-based)
  • MD5 (bone-based)

Map Formats

See the Mapping page.

  • quake 3 style BSP

Engine related blog posts

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