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Mapping or 'level-making' for Unvanquished is fun to learn but difficult to master. Creating maps is highly open ended — anyone can use any of an infinite variety of techniques to make a map, for both fun and showing off via release.

This page provides resources and tutorials for all skill levels, from beginner to demi-goat.

Getting Started

Techniques and Features

  • Colour Grading — Changing colour-schemas
  • Reverberation — Testing and adding reverberation effects (natural sound echo)
  • Minimaps — Current minimap system. Will eventually be replaced with automatic model.

Mapping Approaches

VIS and optimisation

Unvanquished employs a VIS (visibility) system to improve game performance. Only a visible subset of a whole levels is 'rendered' at any one time, because rendering things you can't see wastes performance. Although the compiler can do this itself, more efficient VIS systems can be enforced by doing it by hand.


Maps must be compiled by a compiler to get them into a format the engine understands.

Migrating content from other quake engines

Old Guides

Content in these should either be used in new guides or updated to be useful.