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See Tools for a generic list of more tools (not necessarily mapping ones).

See DaemonMediaAuthoringKit for an easy way to build mapping tools on Linux.

Graphical mapping tools

  • NetRadiant is a graphical level editor, see also Level editors for other available editors.
  • Chameleon is a graphical application to assist mappers in replacing textures in game levels.

In-game mapping tools

Command line mapping tools

  • Q3map2 is a command-line tool to compile game levels, provided with NetRadiant;
  • Sloth is a command-line tool to generates shader files from directories of texture maps;
  • Urcheon is a command-line tool to build and package asset repositories.

Modeling tools

See also Tools/IQM for tools to create IQM models to use in maps.

Obsolete tools

  • DaemonMap was a navmesh generator to be used at map build time after having compiled the map with Q3map2. Starting with Unvanquished 0.54.0 the navmesh generator is built in the game itself so there is no need anymore to use an external tool.