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It is only tested on Linux for now.

The Dæmon Media Authoring Kit is a CMake recipe to build common tools to build assets.

It can build and install:

  • NetRadiant (game level editor) with NetRadiant Unvanquished gamepack;
  • Q3map2 (game level compiler);
  • DaemonMap (navmesh generator);
  • Chameleon (level rextexturing tool);
  • Sloth (material generator);
  • Urcheon (asset builder and packager);
  • Crunch (CRN texture compressor);
  • Iqmtool (model compiler);
  • cwebp (WebP image converter);
  • flac (FLAC audio converter);
  • opusenc (Opus audio converter);
  • oggenc (Vorbis audio converter).

See Tools for details about Unvanquished tools.

How to build and install

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by default CMake will try to detect some existing tools and may skip building some, if you want to build everything yourself even if you already have some of the tools, you can do cmake -H. -Bbuild -DBUILD_ALL=ON.

git clone
cmake -H. -Bbuild
cmake --build build -- -j$(nproc)

CMake will download sources, compile them and install binaries and other files in the install folder.

How to use

You can then add the install/bin/ directory to your PATH environment variable:

export PATH="${PATH}:$(pwd)/install/bin"

After that, you can call every tool from command line, for example netradiant, chameleon, urcheon, etc.