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Get started easy

You're in a rush? Follow few steps to be ready to play.

Getting the game

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The Unvanquished launcher is the recommended way to install and run the Unvanquished game.

The Unvanquished launcher can be downloaded for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Most users will want to download the launcher from the download page on our website.

Using the universal zip instead may require for you to have specific knowledge about your operating system to get the game running. Prefer the launcher if possible.

Alternatively you can download the universal zip on:

See Coding for tips and guides on compiling.

Running and configuration


Unvanquished has lots of them. We have an extensive bugtracker that we invite you to add your bugs to.

  • Have a read of our Bug reporting and Troubleshooting pages for tips on making effective reports;
  • Search the bugtracker for bugs similar to yours before adding a new one;
  • Some of the tips on the Testing page may be useful.

Getting in contact

The two best ways to get in contact with other community members are:

Running Servers